She’s Got That Shine! Maintaining Healthy Goat Coats

Determining the cause of rough coats and skin issues.

She’s Got That Shine! Maintaining Healthy Goat Coats
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes One of the commonly asked questions I hear from non-goat owners is “What do goats feel like?” A better question would be, “What are they supposed to feel like?” My very first goat, back when I knew absolutely nothing about the animal, was a raggedy old doe I got from someone who really didn’t want her anymore.  Even to my inexperienced eyes, she was thin, but at the time I assumed that her rough hair was simply what goats felt like. We fattened her up and read some livestock books on goats and gave her some minerals and supplements that goats are supposed to need. About a year later, she was a completely different animal. Goats are supposed to have soft, clean, shiny coats. In winter they are thick and luxurious, and in summer they shed to a thinner, but still soft coat. 

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