Malta and the (Seemingly) Never Ending Diarrhea

Unconventional Treatments that Actually Worked

Malta and the (Seemingly) Never Ending Diarrhea
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 3 minutes Malta should have been healthy in every way and seemed so except for her diarrhea. She was only a year or two old and vibrant. However, her constant diarrhea was very much a problem. She had to be bathed often, and bedding changed daily. While she did slowly lose some weight as diarrhea continued for months, she never appeared as though she were wasting or truly sick. Through various treatments and tests, Malta suffered for nine months before an unconventional treatment finally cured her completely. Malta’s owner, Jon, loves his herd. When other owners may throw up their hands and cull a sick animal that doesn’t respond to treatment, Jon continues in his search to help his animals. There were many instances where culling Malta may have seemed to be the best solution in the minds of others, but Jon never gave up.

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