Managing CAE and CL in Goats

Is CAE in goats curable? Or do you have to cull?

Managing CAE and CL in Goats
Add to Favorites When it comes to goat health, there are many concerns that owners of these loveable ruminants might have. CAE and CL in goats just might be on the top of the list of dreaded goat diseases. Many goat owners know all about these diseases and take active steps to avoid having them become a problem. But if you’re new to goats or you’ve never heard of them, here is some useful information. What are CAE and CL? These are two separate diseases that are common among goat herds worldwide. CAE is caused by a virus and CL by a bacterium. They are very different diseases, so let’s look at each separately: CAE = Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis: a viral infection often manifested as arthritis in adult goats and, less commonly, as progressive inflammation of the brain (encephalitis) in kids. It is most often found in dairy goat breeds and sometimes in

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