Udder Despair: Mastitis in Goats

What Goat Mastitis Treatment is Best?

Udder Despair: Mastitis in Goats
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes If you own dairy goats, chances are you are eventually going to encounter a case of mastitis. Knowing how to diagnose this infection as early as possible, as well as how to treat mastitis in goats, are crucial if you want to maintain the long-term udder and overall health of your doe and to keep your milk production losses to a minimum. What is mastitis and how do goats get it? Mastitis is simply an inflammation of the mammary gland.  It can be clinical, meaning the doe is displaying symptoms, or it can be less obvious as in subclinical cases. Mastitis in goats can be caused by an injury, by stress, or by a bacteria or virus infecting the mammary gland. Weaning kids too abruptly from a doe that is still producing heavily can also cause it. Additionally, mastitis in goats can occur as a result of

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