Natural DIY Goat Teat Wash

A disinfecting teat and udder wash prevents mastitis in goats.

Natural DIY Goat Teat Wash
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes Raising goats naturally is quite simple. As the keeper of all things naughty, a herd of goats, I spend hours rotating pasture fencing in order to allow them to forage. Some of us may go as far as adding raw apple cider vinegar to their water, provide herbs such as garlic and cayenne to their grains, and even ferment grains. With that said, making a natural DIY goat teat wash is classified as normal and falls in line for raising goats naturally.  [text_ads] Why a Goat Teat Wash is Necessary   I’m not sure why you decided to raise goats, but for me, it’s about the milk they provide. With milking goats comes the need to have a good goat teat wash on hand. Preferably one which does not contain bleach or any other harsh chemicals.   With keeping goats, it is common knowledge that

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