Normal Goat Temperature and Goats Who Don’t Follow the Rules

Get a temperature reading before starting goat antibiotics.

Normal Goat Temperature and Goats Who Don’t Follow the Rules
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes “My goat has normal goat temperature!” you smugly declare.    “So, what is it?” I ask.     “Oh, it’s always 101.5.”       Maybe for a goat in a padded cell, but real-life goats in the real-life world have fluctuating temperatures. We like to say that goats read the goat health books and then purposely do the opposite! Temperature is one of those!  Normal goat temperatures should range from about 101.5 to 103.5 degrees F. If my caprines temp below or above, I start investigating for an issue in progress. Things that may affect temperature include sounding air temperature, age, illness, toxicities, stress, and exercise (or lethargy).  My yearlings and older tend to run temperatures around 102.5 degrees F during the moderate-temperature times of the year. On a really hot day, they may go to 103 before I start watching them closely, and during the cold months, they may sit around 101.5. Paying attention to the weather will help determine if your goat’s temperature is

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