A Crash Course for Goat Breeding Season
September 9, 2022 · · Health

Call it procreation, replication, or proliferation; goats do it too and they do it well. It’s goat breeding season. 

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Back From the Vet: Pink Eye in Goats
September 1, 2022 · · Health, Members Only

One of the common conditions that flies can exacerbate is pink eye or infectious keratoconjunctivitis.

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Listen Up! The Lowdown on Goat Mites
August 27, 2022 · · Health

When a goat rubs its ears, shakes its head or shows signs of crusting in the ears, ear mites could be to blame — and if one goat has ear mites, chances are good most, if not all, of the herd is infested with goat mites.

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Roy’s Victory over Sore Mouth in Goats
August 24, 2022 · · Health

Follow Roy, a nine-year-old Nigerian Dwarf buck show goat, in his journey from exposure to recovery through sore mouth in goats

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Identifying and Treating Goat Pink Eye
August 23, 2022 · · Health

Goat pink eye, formerly called infectious keratoconjunctivitis, refers to inflammation of both the cornea and conjunctiva. Caused by several different bacteria, goat pink eye usually leaves no long-term damage.

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The Mycobacterium Complex
August 22, 2022 · · Health

A friend recently had to cull her entire herd due to poor biosecurity measures, and Stacy was taking no chances. Since her herd seemed healthy in every way, she was in total shock when one of her beloved goats had a low positive result for Johne’s disease.

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Breeding Resistance to Scrapie in Goats
August 20, 2022 · · Health

Scrapie in goats is a deadly infectious disease that can shut down an entire operation with a single diagnosis. But scientists have concluded that two naturally occurring goat alleles in the prion gene each confer resistance to classical scrapie. You may already have these genetics in your herd.

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Goat Bloat: Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention
August 18, 2022 · · Health

Goat bloat is a serious disorder that requires urgent action to avoid death. Learn in advance symptoms, treatment, and prevention of bloat in goats.

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Barn Buddies
August 13, 2022 · · Health

Companionship in life is as essential as the air we breathe. Companion animals have a calming effect on other stressed or nervous animals.

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What’s that tag for?

Any time you peruse a livestock supply catalog, you can find a variety of ear tags. A scrapie identification number is a government-approved official form of identification that links an animal permanently to your herd.

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