Hermaphroditism and Polled Goats

What causes an intersex or freemartin goat?

Hermaphroditism and Polled Goats
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes Freemartin goats and hermaphroditism are not uncommon, especially in dairy goats of Western European descent. Before people realized the correlation between polled goats, hermaphrodite percentage rates were as high as 6-11% of goat herds in the U.S in the early 20th century. That high percentage did not bode well for those attempting to make a profit either from milk or selling kids. Therefore, even before we truly understood what a chromosome was, studies were being made as to why there were so many hermaphrodite goats in the dairy herds. True Hermaphrodites Before we get into why goat hermaphroditism (also called intersex) happens, I do need to make a few clarifications. You see, a true hermaphrodite only happens in mammals when an animal has the genes for being both female and male. They have both XX and XY genes found in their DNA. This

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