Rabies vs. Your Goat

Can you possibly be infected with rabies through your goat’s milk?

Rabies vs. Your Goat
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes Recently, a goat in South Carolina potentially exposed nine people to the rabies virus. Rabies is one of those diseases that strike instant fear in the hearts of people when they learn that they could have been exposed. There are a couple of reasons why rabies is so feared, mostly because by the time you know that you have it, you will certainly die from it. This brings us to the questions of how is rabies transmitted plus should goat owners consider vaccinating against it?  Rabies brings to mind images of vicious dogs baring their teeth with saliva foaming from their mouth. This image is fairly accurate, at least for dogs and similar animals. The common symptoms of rabies include increased aggression, increased salivation, paralysis and muscle spasms especially of the throat muscles (causing the drooling and foaming), and confusion. These obvious symptoms

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