Scrapie in Goats, and Other Prion Diseases

Can Scrapie Create the Same Concerns that Mad Cow Disease Causes?

Scrapie in Goats, and Other Prion Diseases
Add to Favorites Scrapie in goats is just one of several prion diseases. They have no cure and can bring down an entire goat or sheep operation with one diagnosis. But what are prion diseases and why won’t antibiotics help? What Are Prions? Prions are stable above 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, resistant to formaldehyde, and exist within the soil for decades. Proven zoonotic, prion diseases pass between mammals and humans. Prions cause scrapie in goats and sheep, mad cow disease, and chronic wasting disease in the deer family. Within humans, prion diseases classify depending on cause and effect: Fatal Familial Insomnia and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, variant and sporadic CJD, and kuru. And they’re always fatal. Prions are proteins that exist naturally within our DNA; in humans, they reside on chromosome 20. Healthy prions cause no problems. But when one becomes misshapen and meets a healthy prion, that prion also mutates. This causes a

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