Sore Mouth in Goats

Back From the Vet March/April 2019

Sore Mouth in Goats
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 3 minutes Kidding time can be very stressful. In addition to the complications of birth, ensuring that kids are healthy and growing is an arduous task. Young kids are particularly susceptible to a condition called sore mouth. As indicated by the name, affected kids have sores primarily on their mouths. Sore mouth, orf, or more formally contagious ecthyma, is a viral infection found around the world that occurs in both goats and sheep. It can also occasionally affect other ruminants. The parapoxvirus is very resistant to disinfectants and can survive in the environment for as long as 12 years. The virus causes more severe disease in goats than in sheep. In naive herds, the virus can infect both adult animals and young kids. Once an animal recovers from the infection they are highly resistant to reinfection for the rest of their life.  The infection causes

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