The Mycobacterium Complex

Why Keeping Goats with Chickens Could Result in a Positive Test for Johne's Disease

The Mycobacterium Complex
Add to Favorites There were no signs or symptoms, but Stacy did a blood test on her goats just in case.   A friend recently had to cull her entire herd due to poor biosecurity measures, and Stacy was taking no chances. Since her herd seemed healthy in every way, she was in total shock when one of her beloved goats had a low positive result for Johne’s disease. Pronounced “Yoh-nez,” this disease can have an extremely long incubation period, but it is always deadly. Stacy immediately put her goat into isolation and sent in a sample for fecal testing. For two and a half weeks, she listened to her goat crying and calling for her friends. Once, the goat got her head caught in the fence and almost killed herself in her frantic attempts to rejoin the herd. If the results came back affirmative for Johne’s, it could mean losing Stacy’s entire herd of nine

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