Tube Feeding Baby Goats

Learn Proper Feeding Tube Insertion and Keep Supplies On Hand to Save Lives.

Tube Feeding Baby Goats
Add to Favorites By Cheryl K. Smith, Oregon Feeding baby goats with a tube can save weak or premature kids. Learn how to properly insert the tube, avoid inundating the lungs, to get precious colostrum into their tummies during a critical moment. Buttercup, a 3-year-old Oberian doe, unexpectedly went into labor before the goat gestation calendar indicated she should. Upon checking breeding dates, I discovered that my farm partner and I had different dates. She was at either 140 or 145 days gestation. That would make the kids either premature or just on the cusp of maturity. Still, it didn’t occur to me that there might be a problem with the babies. The labor was normal and uneventful, and around 10 p.m., Buttercup delivered a little doeling then a buckling and then a stillborn doeling. The problems began with the first kid, who was in respiratory distress and having trouble getting

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