Urinary Calculi in Goats – EMERGENCY!

Ammonium chloride for goats and the importance of avoiding grain.

Urinary Calculi in Goats – EMERGENCY!
Add to Favorites Urinary calculi in goats and sheep is a common and mostly preventable livestock health issue. While it is slightly different in each species, it has many similar causes, symptoms, and prevention. Goats will be discussed here but know that much of the information pertains to both species. Other names for this condition are urolithiasis and water belly. The recognized cause of urinary calculi in goats is feeding an improperly balanced diet. When grain is heavily fed, forage is limited and minerals are out of balance, the perfect scenario is set up for stones and blockage to form in the urethra. The stones can be big enough to completely block the urethra or still allow a trickle of urine to pass through. This is what we experienced when a case of urinary calculi presented in our wethered sheep. Our Farm Story We acquired Ranger from a nearby farm

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