What to Do About Mastitis and Uneven Udders

No Time to “Wait and See”

What to Do About Mastitis and Uneven Udders
Add to Favorites By Nancy Nickel  Reading Time: 8 minutes Sometimes mastitis just happens. Even though the barn lot is kept dry and the bedding clean, the prewash and post-milking spray used effectively, sometimes an individual will exhibit signs of mastitis. It is unfortunate that by the time noticeable signs present themselves, the udder has undergone permanent and damaging changes. In the few cases that we have dealt with at Nickel Farms near Clark, Missouri, we have observed that the doe which has had clinical mastitis never milks to her expected potential and often exhibits changes in the capacity of the affected side. Sometimes knots or lumps in the mammary tissue remain despite modern medicine and a herdsman’s best efforts. This too has a direct effect on production from that half. In a show string, these does do not milk down well in addition to being judged at a disadvantage

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