What to do in a Kidding Emergency

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What to do in a Kidding Emergency
Add to Favorites By Linda Carlson The vast majority of births in the goat barn proceed in a normal and healthy manner, but it is good to know what to do in an emergency. The most important thing to remember when trouble comes is that your doe needs you to be calm and gentle. If you have small goats, you will need small hands in order to intervene. Extend your hand and try to compress the fingers as much as you can. If your hand is about the same size as a normal kid’s head, you should be able to go in to the straining doe’s birth canal to try and sort things out or provide assistance. Note that your hand will pass through the very bony construct of the pelvis, and will be heavily constricted. This means that you must work gently, but quickly, before the blood supply to

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