Before You Start a Goat Dairy Farm …

Advice for Starting a Dairy Farm, from Those Who Have Been There!

Before You Start a Goat Dairy Farm …
Add to Favorites Many goat owners, at some point, wonder about beginning a goat dairy farm, be it a hobby or to supplement income. It can be a daunting task to undergo, not to mention the laws of certain states make it nearly impossible to sell milk or dairy products. I interviewed established owners to discover what they did, what worked, and their limitations. Doe’s and Diva’s Dairy Janna and Tom own Doe’s and Diva’s Dairy, a Grade B dairy based out of Honey Creek, Iowa. They started with goats after adopting their daughter, Mia, many years ago from Guatemala. Mia was lactose intolerant and, shortly after conducting some research, they bought their first dairy goat. By 2008, Janna made so much cheese from her kitchen that she was giving it away. Her neighbor recommended they start a goat dairy farm together, but after three years the partnership ended. Janna, undefeated,

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