Build Your Own Small-Scale Goat Milking Machine

When it Comes to Goat Milking Supplies, Sometimes DIY is the Best Approach

Build Your Own Small-Scale Goat Milking Machine
Add to Favorites By Steve Shore – When I first wanted a goat milking machine I looked in all the goat farming supply catalogs and in the back of the American Dairy Goat Association’s directory for the perfect goat milking machine. I bought one from one of the goat milking supply houses that was “designed just for goats.” I ordered a two-goat milking machine and was shipped a one-goat milking machine. The supplier talked me into keeping the one-goat milking machine. It was usable but the small milk bucket wasn’t quite big enough when used on my most productive doe. The foam from the milk would be sucked into the small vacuum tank and the milk bucket was so light that it tipped over easily. Then after using if for less that a month, the electric pulsator quit. I packed it up and sent it back. Later I bought a

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