The Name Says it All

By Rikki Carroll Butter (we all know what that is) and kase, the word for cheese in German, falls into the international language for cheese: kase, kass, queso, queijo, caccio, and even the English cheese all evolved from old Latin for chebutterkase, “caseus.” Somehow just the name Butterkäse has us thinking about snack time, with this cheese just sliced or melted over something tasty. The mild flavor and soft texture make this an ideal cheese for the table. I am sure that a lot of those requests that came to me for this recipe came from folks who grew up with this as the “go to” cheese at home when young (or not so young). The cheese is normally presented as a rectangular loaf-like shape and normally weighs about 3.5 lbs. It does contain a high moisture content and at room temperature may begin to deform slightly. The higher moisture

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