Dairy Herd Improvement

Navigating the Acronym Soup to Better Herd Management

Dairy Herd Improvement
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes If you have dairy goats, you’ve probably heard of DHI, DHIA, and DHIR, in association with USDA, ADGA, and AGS. A quick online search shows that most of the DHI program focuses on cattle. Additionally, DHIA and DHIR both have multiple meanings. Throw several more acronyms in the mix and process looks complicated, confusing, and possibly expensive. Is it really worth it?  To make sense of this acronym soup, I called Amanda Weber of Quaking Canopy Farm in Reno, Nevada. A certified DHI tester for 11 years, Amanda started her own herd on the program three years ago. She now has 50 does on milk test. Each monthly test requires an independent tester, someone who isn’t invested in your herd. Amanda runs a small, unofficial group of dairy goat owners in Nevada who test each other’s herds for the program, so they all

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