DIY Cheese Cave: An Affordable Option

How to Make a Cheese Cave for Under $225

DIY Cheese Cave: An Affordable Option
Add to Favorites By Jon Jernigan – I’ve been making Parmesan cheese for two years and loving it. With my husband, Adam, working as a herdsman at Round Mountain Creamery in North Carolina, we have access to a lot of wonderful goat milk. While my Parmesan was turning out fantastic, my biggest challenge was figuring out how to make a DIY cheese cave that wasn’t a mold machine. Through a ton of research and my own ignoramus ingenuity, I finally achieved this goal. The beauty of what I have created is that I get a 100 percent reliable 85-90 percent humidity and temperature of 55°F. My cave pushes in fresh air from my humidifier and keeps the cave mold free. The fridge is a freezer where I have a device that allows me to choose the temperature and I can easily adjust from room temperature to freezing. The total cost of this project

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