For the Love of Bloomy Rind Cheese

...And Can You Eat the Brie Cheese Rind?

For the Love of Bloomy Rind Cheese
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes While chèvre may be the most popular fresh goat cheese, when it comes to aged goat cheese, my favorite is a mouth-watering bloomy rind cheese. Not only are these amazingly flavorful and fairly easy to make, but they also don’t require much in the way of cheese aging equipment. They just need a little tending to during the first week or two of aging in order for that beautiful bloomy rind to grow. Brie is one of the most popular cheeses and by far the most well-known of the bloomy rind cheeses (also referred to as surface-ripened cheeses), but there are literally hundreds of different varieties you can make (or buy). Often the size and shape of the final cheese are what differentiates it from another similarly made variety, in part because the amount of bloomy surface area in relation to the cheesy paste

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