Fraga Farmstead and Creamery

Artisan creamery values animals, environment first

Fraga Farmstead and Creamery
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes By Aliya Bree Hall A half-hour west of Portland, Oregon, on 33.5 acres that have been farmed since the 1920s, Fraga Farmstead and Creamery was the first goat dairy to be certified through Oregon Tilth; a legacy that the creamery takes seriously.  Now owned and managed by Elisabeth Bueschen-Monahan and her husband, Steve Monahan, Fraga’s dedication to ethical animal and environmental welfare is the cornerstone of their business.  “I think when we look back at animal agriculture, the way it’s done right now, will be the way we look back at past atrocities in general,” Bueschen-Monahan said. “‘What were we thinking? How could we have done that?’”  Elisabeth Bueschen-Monahan is the herd manager at Fraga Farmstead and Creamery and runs the operation with her husband, Steve Monahan, who is also the cheesemaker. Bueschen-Monahan is a firm believer in running an ethical and environmentally friendly practice.

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