How to Make Butter in Your Kitchen, in Minutes!

How to Make Butter in a Jar or a Stand Mixer

How to Make Butter in Your Kitchen, in Minutes!
Add to Favorites If you don’t know how to make butter, you’re missing out on one of the easiest homesteading products. Follow this short tutorial to learn how to make butter using raw or pasteurized cream, cow or goat milk, cultured or quick, with or without electricity. Old-fashioned butter churns were how pioneers processed large quantities of cream. But it can be made just as easily in a mason jar, freezer container, blender, or stand mixer. The process is ridiculously simple: Take cold cream and whip it. Then whip it some more. Keep at it until you look in your mixer and say, “Oh, butter!” It’s that obvious and that simple. How to Make Butter: Raw or Pasteurized? If you can’t acquire raw milk in your area, you can successfully make butter with pasteurized cream. And unlike with cheesemaking, ultra-pasteurized cream works as well. Originally, all butter was made from

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