How to Make Cheese at Home: Crafting Hard Cheeses

Knowing How to Make Parmesan Cheese Involves Time and Temperature

How to Make Cheese at Home: Crafting Hard Cheeses
Add to Favorites Do you know how to make cheese at home? Are you ready to move from ricotta to Reggiano? Take a deep breath. The hardest part is maintaining temperature. Mozzarella, farmer’s cheese, paneer, and ricotta are fresh cheeses. Many goat milk cheese recipes are also considered “fresh” because they haven’t been cultured or aged. These share common traits: they’re soft, mild, and usually have to be kept in the refrigerator. Fresh cheeses were civilization’s first dairy food. Making goat cheese was a way to preserve milk and make it digestible for adults who could no longer consume lactose. Often, goat herders in Mesopotamia soured milk and strained it into curds to carry on nomadic journeys. It was made quickly and eaten just as fast because those locations did not have the right environments to properly age it. Paneer and labneh are spreadable cheeses with minimal aging. They come

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