How to Make Kefir Water and Milk Kefir

What Does Kefir Taste Like? Oh, the Kefir Variations!

How to Make Kefir Water and Milk Kefir
Add to Favorites Kefir is a probiotic-rich milk drink similar to thin yogurt. It is easy to learn how to make kefir with many variations on the end result. There are different types of kefir you can make, each with options regarding how often you desire a new batch. Here is a tutorial of how to make kefir water and milk kefir, as well as different variations. I certainly had fun trying them all! What is Kefir? Unlike many other cultured dairy products, kefir is made from a combination of bacteria strains and yeasts. Traditional kefir is made from cow, goat, or sheep’s milk that is cultured by kefir grains. These grains were developed several hundred years ago in the Caucasus Mountain area of Eastern Europe and Asia. Although they are called “grains”, they have nothing to do with the grain that grows in the ground. They are composed of

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