How to Milk a Goat: Are You Hurting or Helping?

Is Goat Milking by Hand Destroying Your Goat's Udder?

How to Milk a Goat: Are You Hurting or Helping?
Knowing how to milk a goat is not quite as simple as it sounds! While nearly anyone can squeeze milk out of teat, milking goats the right way protects the udder and that milk that you work so hard to produce! It also takes time to develop coordination and efficiency. For those that have hand-milked goats for some time, I can see that grin as you recollect spilled milk, milk running down your wrists and arms, and perhaps a dancing goat or two. Before you head out to the barn, do your goat a favor: Please keep those fingernails short so you are less likely to pinch skin or a teat. Ideally, you want a location that is quiet and peaceful with a good temperature and protection from wind and weather. That may be in a corner of a garage or shed, under a tree in summer, or a dedicated

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