Improving Milk Stand Behavior Problems

Does Goat Milking by Hand Become a Pain for Everyone?

Improving Milk Stand Behavior Problems
Add to Favorites By Katherine Drovdahl MH CA CR DipHIr CEIT QTP We are going to look at several common causes of behavior issues on the goat milking stand so that their experiences can be enjoyable rather than challenging. Oh man! Who hasn’t experienced the skin-nourishing beauty of goat milk sloshed on their face and lap while trying to hand milk or strip a goat? If you have not yet experienced dancing goat fever, then you simply haven’t worked with milkers long enough. Your opportunity is coming! First, we need to look at the milk stand itself. The stand needs to be on a flat surface that it will not rock or move when your goat jumps up on it. It also should have some type of non-slip surface in case the goat’s feet are wet. Periodically check all of the fasteners, nuts, and bolts on the stand if applicable and

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