Keep It Clean! Milking Sanitation 101

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Keep It Clean! Milking Sanitation 101
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes By David & Marsha Coakley  When we were researching how to start a goat dairy in mid-2015, I ran across a saying at It read: “To have a successful dairy, you need to do one of these three things: 1. Love to clean, 2. Clean because you have to, or 3. Know someone who loves to clean.” Sanitation is one of the most critical parts of dairy ownership that is often overlooked or done incorrectly. Whether you’re bucket milking for personal consumption or using a machine for either herd shares or commercial use, the sanitation process must be spot-on.  Where do I get information?  The best place to start is the USDA “Pasteurized Milk Ordinance,” or PMO, which can be found at Whether pasteurizing your milk or not, the PMO contains a wealth of useful information to guide you through the sanitation process.

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