Making Goat Milk Fudge

The Goat Milk Candy Recipe that Won My Heart...

Making Goat Milk Fudge
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 6 minutes Earlier this year I participated in a fun contest on Instagram held by Sugar Top Farm, LLC, that consisted of guessing when one of their does would give birth and how many kids she would have. I happened to have the winning guess, and the prize was a package of peanut butter goat milk fudge. I didn’t expect to win, I was more playing along because I love games and farm fun, and most importantly, baby goats. When Kristin Plante contacted me with the news it was a pleasant surprise, only … I don’t like fudge. I still thanked her and figured I would give it to my family. My family is filled with fudge lovers. I don’t get it. Get Goat Care Tips from Experts! Sign up for our FREE newsletter and you’ll get weekly tips on goat care from our seasoned

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