Natural Cultures in Your Food

Why you can’t make bread and cheese on the same day

Natural Cultures in Your Food
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes Not much beats some bread and cheese, especially when they are both homemade. However, you can’t make (or at least start the culturing of) both on the same day in the same kitchen. This results in not-so-desirable cheese, although the bread should be fine. This is because of bacteria and yeast cultures spreading through the air to one another, but we will go into more detail about that later. Speaking of cultures in the air, let’s also look at some other naturally occurring cultures and how they can be used in the making of food. Bread and Cheese When beginning the culturing of milk to make cheese, you must take many precautions to avoid contamination from undesirable bacteria. All utensils are sanitized and everything scrubbed scrupulously. Yet, the one place where it is most difficult to control the bacteria is the air itself.

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