Rotary Milking at Summerhill Dairy

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Rotary Milking at Summerhill Dairy
Add to Favorites By Anneke De Jong – It happened again yesterday — a question that I get asked all too often and never ceases to amaze me. “Do you milk your goats by hand? Or do you use machines?” Mind you, the question was asked on the heels of a discussion about the fact that we have a herd of 2,000-plus milking does. Why is it that a society, which readily embraces technology in every aspect of their lives, is so unaware of the innovation and technology that is an integral part of modern agriculture? From Ancient Egypt to the Industrial Revolution, those involved in providing food have always tried to find ways to improve their production and efficiency. Modern innovation in the dairy industry began in the 1850s, when the first patents were issued for “milk machines.” In 1898, the pulsator milking machine was approved by the USDA and the

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