Say Cheese!

Learn How to Make Cheese at Home

Say Cheese!
Add to Favorites Modern homesteading combines elements of sustainability with the skills of making things from scratch, all to improve our lives. It’s hard work but we all agree the rewards are worth it. Learning how to make cheese at home fits right into that description. Whether we own dairy animals, obtain our milk from other homesteaders, or simply craft delicious food from high-rise apartments, knowing how to make paneer, mozzarella, or the delicious hard cheeses found only in specialty supermarkets gives us access to premium products and the satisfaction that we did it ourselves. And cheesemaking isn’t difficult. Sure, there’s a learning curve and you need specific equipment, but if you start at the simplest recipes and work up, you’ll soon have amazing selections, made with your own two hands. How to Make Mozzarella Cheese in Seven Easy Steps You can learn how to make mozzarella cheese, start to

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