Simple Goat Cheese Appetizers and Dessert

Even More Recipes Using Goat Cheese.

Simple Goat Cheese Appetizers and Dessert
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes It’s that time of the year when most likely all your goat kids are weaned and you have all that luscious goat milk to yourself. And boy can it add up quickly. So here are a few fun recipes for you to try and some delicious appetizers and a dessert to put them in. Now neither of these cheeses are traditionally made with goat milk, but they work really well with any milk so why not goat? They are very quick and easy to make and they’re versatile to use in an assortment of fun recipes. First up, Paneer. This is a simple, direct-acidification, fresh cheese that is probably best known for its use in many Indian cuisine dishes. It is very similar in texture and flavor to tofu and is often used in the same way. It is mild and has little actual flavor of its

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