Why You Need the Right Cheese-Making Supplies

Some Cheese Maker Supplies Aren’t Optional. But Some Are!

Why You Need the Right Cheese-Making Supplies
A good inventory of cheese-making supplies isn’t tough to obtain, or even expensive, but it’s necessary for good cheese. Here’s what you can substitute and why you can’t scrimp on certain products. If you have already tried your first goat milk cheese recipes, you’ve noticed these call for items like dairy thermometers or cheesecloth. And, if you’re like me, you were so excited to get started that you hated to wait for two-day shipping on these cheese-making supplies. For mozzarella, that’s fine. You can substitute a sieve for cheesecloth. But to try complicated recipes, you need the proper tools. Don’t worry. They’re not expensive. Calcium Chloride Low calcium levels create a weak curd, which can disintegrate or lose shape. Adding calcium chloride strengthens harder cheeses or products, like feta, which sit in brine. Can you substitute? Omitting calcium chloride won’t affect ripening; it’ll just make soft cheese. Dairy Goats are

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