Yogurt: Medicinal Food on the Homestead

The Homestead Kitchen

Add to Favorites By Habeeb Salloum, Ontario, Canada The ancient Assyrians appreciated yogurt so much that they called it lebeny, meaning “life.” The venerable yogis of India mixed yogurt with honey and called it the “food of the gods.” Cleopatra bathed in this milk product to give herself a clear and tender complexion, and Genghis Khan fed it to his soldiers to give them courage. One of man’s earliest prepared foods, yogurt can claim few equals in the folklore of the medical and culinary arts. Early in life, I had become familiar with yogurt dishes on our homestead on the western prairies of Canada. From meals and snacks to lunches and all types of dishes containing yogurt, our family’s culinary life seemed to revolve around that milk product. However, during that era of my life it was not my favorite food. That was to come later, when I gained wisdom. “Not

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