Battle Born Livestock: Kids Raising Boer Goat Kids

The Parson Family Goat Farming Project Paves the Way for College

Battle Born Livestock: Kids Raising Boer Goat Kids
Add to Favorites The Parson family’s Boer goat farming project has busted way beyond 4-H. Siblings Emma, Aurora, and Bodie Parsons own their own herd of meat goats. They have been raising and selling goats for meat since Emma bought her first goat eight years ago. In the beginning, the parents helped quite a bit with things like vaccinations and medical emergencies. Now Emma is 15, Aurora is 14, and Bodie is 10.  The only thing they need help with is transportation, as none of them are old enough to drive. Their herd now ranges from 30 to 60 African Boer goats. In addition to increasing herd size, they have also improved the quality of their goats and have gone from selling at local livestock auctions to winning ribbons and awards for their goats across the state through 4-H. Guide to Buying and Keeping Goats in Milk — Yours FREE! Goat experts Katherine

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