Grazing Goats on a Restaurant Roof

These Goats are Living It Up at Al Johnson's Restaurant

Grazing Goats on a Restaurant Roof
Add to Favorites All photos courtesy of Al Johnson’s Restaurant Where is the best spot for grazing goats? Would you consider a restaurant roof where tourists can gawk and giggle? On a 40-acre farm outside the small town of Sister Bay, Wisconsin lives a herd of goats with a secret life many in their species would envy. Around 8:00 in the morning, a truck backs up to their pasture gate. One of their favorite people calls out a good morning then asks, “Who wants to go on the roof?” The first four to seven goats to trot up the ramp into the pickup bed get to go. They ride for about five minutes, down a picturesque country road, before arriving at Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant and Butik. There, they trot up another ramp to the roof where they spend the day grazing, napping, and watching people. Breezes from the bay

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