Raising Goats Can Lead to Four-Legged Best Friends

Keeping Goats? How These Lovable Creatures Leave Hoof Prints on Your Heart

Add to Favorites Ariel “poses” with her last kid. By Miriah Reynolds, Belgrade, Montana – Raising goats throughout your life can result in having hundreds of goats leaving hoof prints on your heart and memories that go deeper than the pages of a scrapbook. Out of all them, there is one doe in particular that changed my life, and is truly a legend that should never be forgotten. I started writing for Dairy Goat Journal a long time ago, and since starting I’ve written many times about Ariel. It will be two years on April 1, 2013 that Ariel passed away. As with any family member’s death, it takes time to heal, sort out the memories and grasp the unfortunate. Accepting her death has been extremely hard for me to move past. Whenever I hear the country song “I Get a Little Bit Stronger,” by Sara Evans, I am immediately reminded of how much the scar of

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