The Secret Life of Rodeo Goats

Goat Tying and Goat Roping May Not Be What You Think

The Secret Life of Rodeo Goats
Add to Favorites What is life like for rodeo goats? Imagine being a young goat, old enough to leave your mother, curious about life, and ready for all the adventure a young goat could hope for. These goats spend one season, spring through fall, traveling to new locations, receiving a lot of attention, and getting their legs tied together. A lot. The rodeo goats arrive at the location the day before the event. They are put in a pen with food and water and allowed to settle in and acclimate. The only event in junior and high school rodeo involving goats is goat tying. This event is the girls’ equivalent to calf roping or tie down roping. Bailey Jo Griener has been involved in rodeo since she was two years old. She had tied goats for 12 years. “I don’t really know how humane it would be to rope a

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