Goat Journal January/February 2020

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The Features
The Fear of Fescue
Goat Behavior, Demystified
• Photo Essay: Argosy Odyssey

Frankie travels around the country with Cate and Chad Battle, in their hand-painted Airstream, and enjoys views most goats (and even people) have never seen.

The Stories
Pygora Pioneer
America: Back to the (Goat) Farm
Goat Care Month to Month
The Truth about Coats for Goats!
• The Orf Virus
Building the Best Fence for Goats!
How to Make Homemade Kefir
For the Love of Bloomy Rind Cheese
Secret Life of Goats: Nursing Home Nannies
Breed Profile: Pashmina Goats

The dry valley where Pashmina goats seek out sparse vegetation. Photo credit: Rajeev Rajagopalan/flickr CC BY 2.0.

In Each Issue
• From the Editor
• Reader Feedback
• Reader Spotlight
Back from the Vet: Johne’s Disease
• Katherine’s Caprine Corner
• Bookstore
• Breeders Directory/Classifieds
• Just for Fun
• Coming Attractions

Bloomy-rind cheeses are easy to make but require specific molds. Read our story for a simple recipe!

PLUS: Goat Notes! Educational resources for you to Clip, Save, and Share!

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Figgy and Fern, two of triplets, at Galloping Gertie’s Goatery.

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