Goat Journal January/February 2021

Goat Journal January/February 2021 is in homes December 17th but Backyard Goats All-Access members can read it NOW! Subscribe to Goat Journal for valuable stories on malpresentation and premature kids, goat genetics and the origins of domestication, what protects livestock guardian dogs, PLUS a Breed Profile of the Cretan Kri-Kri.

The Features

When to Intervene During Kidding
What Do You Do for a Premature Kid?
• Goat Notes: Caring for Premature Kids
• Photo Essay: Faulk Family Farm

The Stories

How Goats Were Domesticated
The Demand for Savanna Goats
• Against All Odds
Boys Will Be Boys

Photo by Alexander Malkhasyan

Angora Goats and Soil Health
Genetic Testing 101
What Guards Livestock Guardian Dogs
Using the Internet for Your Goat Business
Valençay Cheese and the Role of Ash in Cheesemaking

Fresh Valençay cheese

In Each Issue

• From the Editor
• Reader Feedback
Back from the Vet: Milk Fever in Goats
• Secret Life of Goats: Mr. Mayhem, the Boise Paddleboarding Goat
Breed Profile: Kri-Kri
• Breeders Directory/Classifieds
• Just for Fun
• Coming Attractions



Caring for Premature Kids


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