Goat Journal July/August 2019

Your Guide to All Things Goat

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The Features
• Can My Goat Be Part of a Pet Therapy Program?
• Training Goats to Pull Carts
• Photo Essay: Geissebei Trekkinggeissen To the Alps and Back with Pack Goats

Thomas Rupp is one of the few pack goat owners in Switzerland.

The Stories
• Goats Deliver a Good Time
• What to Do With All Those Kids
• Mixing Breeds to Contain Goats
• Must-Haves for a Goat Medicine Cabinet
• The Mycobacterium Complex
•  How Old is My Goat?
• The Wide World of Cheese
• A Breakdown of Proteins in Curd vs. Whey
• Secret Life of Goats: Angelica and the Magnificent Seven
• Breed Profile: Kiko Goats

Tamsin Cooper details how to determine goat age by looking at their teeth.

In Each Issue
• From the Editor
• Reader Feedback
• Reader Spotlight
• Back from the Vet
• Katherine’s Caprine Corner
• Just for Fun
• Coming Attractions

PLUS: Goat Notes! Educational resources for you to Clip, Save, and Share!

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