Goat Journal March/April 2022

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The Features
• Trees to Plant (or Avoid) for Goats
• Is Your Mother Goat Rejecting Her Kids?
• Photo Essay: The Evolution of AIDOO-BALCI (AnB) Homestead

What should you do for a mother goat rejecting kid goats?

The Stories
• Bottle-Feeding Baby Goats
• The Dangers of Imprinting
• Baby Nigerian Dwarf Goats for Sale!
• Superfetation in Goats
• Kidding Oddities
• A Story of Patent Urachus

Patent urachus is a syndrome that occurs when urine leaks through an opening at the umbilical cord.

• Goat Notes: Goat Fetal Development
• Farm Security Cameras
• Goat Notes: 10 Ways to Identify Goat Pregnancy
• The Power of Grazing for Wildlife Management
• Whitewashing: An Ancient Technique for a Modern Era
• Easter Basket Cheese

Easter Basket cheese is an Italian traditional found in a few select markets during this holiday season. It’s a smooth, soft cheese usually sold right in the basket it’s made in.

In Each Issue
• From the Editor
• Reader Feedback
• Back from the Vet: Urolithiasis in Goats
• Healthful Herd: Beware Toxic Woes
• Secret Life of Goats: Nubian Ibex Crosses at Porter Valley Ranch

The Arapawa Goat is a breed of feral goat descended from Old English milch goats released on Arapawa Island off the coast of New Zealand. It is directly descended from a breed of English landrace goat which no longer exists in its native England.

• Breed Profile: Arapawa Goat
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• Breeders Directory/Classifieds
• Just for Fun
• Coming Attractions

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