Goat Journal November/December 2020

Goat Journal November/December 2020 will be in homes October 29th, but Backyard Goats All-Access members can read it NOW! Look inside for valuable stories on external parasites, legal issues with owning goats, cognition, goat traditions around the world, PLUS a Breed Profile of the Beetal goat!

The Features
Julbock: Sweden’s Legendary Yule Goat
Goat-Centered Traditions Around the World
• Spotlight on Crafting: Creations By Sam

A Swedish julbock ornament hanging in a decorated tree with lights.

The Stories
Goats and the Law
I’m Selling, Trading, or Giving Away My Goat
• Goat Notes: Permanent Identification for Goats in the United States of America
Goats are Super Heroes
Goat Intelligence

Chief Ryan Austin, of Fort Plain Police department, and his goat LEO.

Iodine Deficiency
Honey, I Shrunk the Goat
An Ode to Goats
• Fermenter’s Tip; Getting the Most from Goat Milk
• Classic Yogurt
• Icelandic Skyr
Goat Milk Benefits Skin
• Secret Life of Goats: The Gävle Goat
Breed Profile: Beetal Goats

A Beetal doe. Photo credit: Syed Ali’s Goat Farm, Pakistan

In Each Issue
• From the Editor
• Reader Feedback
Back from the Vet: Wintertime Pests and Goats
• Katherine’s Caprine Corner
• Bookstore
• Breeders Directory/Classifieds
• Just for Fun
• Coming Attractions



Permanent Identification for Goats in the United States of America

Download this Goat Notes as a pdf.


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  1. We never received our Sept/Oct issue. We are not sure if our subscription expired or if our new address didn’t get passed on.

    1. Hi Shawna, I have notified our subscription people and they will be in touch via the email you listed. (Comment edited to remove your address.)

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