Goat Journal November/December 2022

Goat Journal November/December 2022

Goat Journal November/December 2022 is in homes November 10, but digital and All-Access subscribers can read it NOW! Subscribe to Goat Journal for great stories on raising baby goats in cold weather, hoof rot, fixing gates, and making scones. PLUS: How to make goat milk lotion. Subscribe here: https://backyardgoats.iamcountryside.com/all-membership/


The Features

• Raising Baby Goats in Cold Weather
• Caring for Elder Goats, Part 1: Body Condition and Arthritis

The Stories

• Milk for Adult Goats? Here’s What We Know
• Goat Hoof Rot
• Goat Notes: Goat Hoof Trimming
• Avoiding Contamination When Making Goat Milk Lotion
• For Every type of Goat
• Goat Notes: Goat Types
• Tips for Fixing Gates
• High Tea Ghee Scones
• Holiday Butter Mints
• Festive, Flavored Cheeses for the Holidays!

In Each Issue

• From the Editor
• Reader Feedback
• Back from the Vet: Who Needs a Veterinarian, Anyway?
• Healthful Herd: The Rumen — A Goat’s Self-Propelled Furnace
• Secret Life of Goats: Beach Goats
• Breed Profile: Turkish Hair Goat
• Recommended Products
• Breeders Directory/Classifieds
• Just for Fun
• Coming Attractions


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