Goat Journal Special Issue 2020 Goat Health from Head to Hoof

Covering 15 common health issues and ways to avoid or treat them!

The Goat Journal Special Issue 2020 – Goat Health, from Head to Hoof will be available for subscribers ONLY, in-home March 15th. But Backyard Goats members can read it NOW!

The Stories

• The Goats of Goat Journal
How Long Do Goats Live?
Heads, Horns, and Hierarchy
What’s Going on in Their Heads?
Listen Up!
Identifying and Treating Goat Pink Eye

A one-week-old kid with pink eye. Photo courtesy of Amie McCormick, Oregon.

Roy’s Victory Over Sore Mouth
• Goat Notes: Using Teeth to Determine Age
Normal Goat Temperature and Goats Who Don’t Follow the Rules
Ruminate on This!
Managing CAE and CL in Goats
Emergency! Urinary Calculi in Goats
• Goat Notes: Difficult Kidding Positions
Udder Despair: Mastitis in Goats
She’s Got That Shine

An abandoned goat taken in by Tamsin Cooper. She was emaciated, with a shabby coat and fishtail.

The same goat, after some TLC, displaying her shiny winter coat.

Selenium Deficiency: The Cause of White Muscle Disease in Goats
• Goat Notes: Preventing Hoof Rot
• Goat Notes: How to Trim Goat Hooves
Fecal Float Test: Why and How
A Tail to Tell

In Each Issue

• From the Editor
• Reader Feedback
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• Breeders Directory/Classifieds
• Just for Fun



Using Teeth to Determine Age


Difficult Kidding Positions


Preventing Hoof Rot


How to Trim Goat Hooves


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