Goat Journal Special Issue: Head to Hoof Health Vol. 2

Goat Journal Special Issue 2021 — Goat Health from Head to Hoof Vol. 2 — is in homes March 18th, but digital and All-Access subscribers can read it NOW! Subscribe to Goat Journal for valuable stories about maintaining health and avoiding diseases — from head to hoof!

The Features

• Photo Essay: Switzerland to Announce Three “New” Official Goat Breeds
Horn Injuries
Meningeal Worms
In the Line of Sight
5 Common Goat Illnesses Within the Nose

• That Old Goat: Health Hazards From Broken and Missing Teeth
What to Do About Bloat
Those Dreaded Shared Vegetative Clippings
• Goat Notes: Body Condition Scoring (BCS) in Goats

Joint Health and Concerns
Leg Injuries That Sideline Your Goats
Common Hoof Issues in Goats: 3 Case Studies
All About Goat Testicles


False Pregnancy in Goats
• Goat Notes: Five-Point Check for Worms
Umbilical Cord Care
Udder Injuries and Infection
Coccidiosis in Goats
Causes of Hair Loss in Goats

Goats losing hair on noses often indicate zinc deficiency. This Saanen doe, low in zinc due to limited winter feed, corrected with an additional zinc supplement added to her loose minerals.

What is a CVI and Who Needs One?
• Your Kid’s Journal: One Year at a Time

In Each Issue

• From the Editor
• Reader Feedback
• Bookstore
• Just for Fun
• Coming Attractions

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