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Back from the Vet: Clostridial Vaccine Choices

You remember your trusty herd veterinarian telling you something about Clostridium something or other, but how do you choose which clostridial vaccine is right for your herd?

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Portland Creamery

Portland Creamery’s flagship plain chevre reveals the outstanding milk that goes into the product — it’s beautifully light, creamy, and just a bit tart and lemony.

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The Right Start: Avoid Early Life Issues with Kids

Proper attention given during the early months of life — particularly the pre-weaning period — will limit early life issues and prevent weak immune systems or poor growth and development.

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Nasal Bot Flies
March 27, 2023 · · Health, Members Only

Nasal bot flies — Oestrus ovis — are a worldwide parasite mainly affecting sheep and goats (along with deer and occasionally horses, dogs, cats, and even humans).

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Back From the Vet: The What and Why of Colostrum in Goats

If you have had a sick goat kid, then you have likely had your veterinarian ask you about colostrum consumption.

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Back From the Vet: Doe Breeding Soundness

To help ensure healthy kids, have your does in optimum condition for breeding, pregnancy, and kidding with a doe breeding soundness exam.

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Calcium: It’s More than Strong Bones
January 1, 2023 · · Health, Members Only

Calcium builds strong bones! Calcium is a classic example of the intricate dietary interplay with various nutrients.

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Winter Pests and Goats

Though warm sunny days may seem a more likely time to find creepy crawlies on your critters, there are several varieties of goat pests that are more prevalent in winter than summer.

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Avoid Goat Scams
November 8, 2022 · · Members Only, Ownership

Goat scams are becoming more and more common. How can you be sure you are working with a legitimate seller?

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The Secret Life of Beach Goats
November 1, 2022 · · Members Only, Ownership

Even though most activities require prior booking, a few days per week, Beach Goats has drop-in hours in which you may join the “sampler.”

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