Goat Playgrounds: A Place to Play!
May 13, 2022 · · Ownership

Goats are many things: lively, intelligent, playful, curious, useful.  It’s the playfulness that can be the undoing of the novice goat-owner. For this reason, goat playgrounds are highly recommended.

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Are Goats Smart? Revealing Goat Intelligence
May 12, 2022 · · Ownership

Are goats smart? And why is it important for goat owners to understand how goats think? Research provides evidence that goats need an interesting environment and our understanding of their point of view.

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Training on the Goat Milking Stand
May 4, 2022 · · Ownership

Goats don’t come out of the chute knowing how to get up onto a goat milking stand, let alone how to stand still on one while you’re milking those sensitive goat teats!

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Goat Behavior Demystified
March 26, 2022 · · Ownership

Goat behavior can sometimes be disconcerting and seem illogical. When we see goats in the light of their natural lives, their behavior makes sense. Wondering why goats headbutt, climb, waste food, and escape? Read on!

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The Doe Code
March 24, 2022 · · Ownership

Oh, the game is strong with this experienced one… She knows the Doe Code all too well! Contractions about a minute apart. Why is our goat in labor tonight?

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The Kidding Kit: Be Ready for Goat Delivery
March 23, 2022 · · Health, Ownership

As with humans, ample planning is needed prior to a goat delivery. And in a perfect world, this exciting time would go by without a hitch, and usually does go well, but sometimes goes wrong in every conceivable way.

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Goats and The Law
March 14, 2022 · · Ownership

Goats can easily get themselves — and you — in trouble. You will be liable for the behavior of your kids. Liability can be addressed in three ways: 1. Reasonable Measures; 2. Insurance Coverage; and 3. Business Formation.

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Socializing Dam-raised Kids
February 20, 2022 · · Ownership

Add to Favorites Dam-raised kids know they are prey animals, so are wary of unfamiliar people and animals. They depend on dams and the herd for safety. When separated from …

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Angora Goats and Soil Health
January 25, 2022 · · Ownership

Angora goats make unique contributions to the environment. Their long hair sequesters large amounts of carbon ingested from their forage, helping to reduce global warming.

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Tough Challenges for Goat Farmers
January 20, 2022 · · Members Only, Ownership

Vergara and Domville, began to turn the farm into a remarkable, innovative enterprise, emphasizing community cooperation, healthy, natural produce, and animal welfare, all carried out through inventive forward-looking attitude and practice. Unexpectedly, the couple faced COVID-19.

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